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Taylor Swift gets choked up onstage

Taylor Swift and her adorable mum Andrea Swift in April.

Taylor Swift and her adorable mum Andrea Swift in April.
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TAYLOR Swift had an emotional moment onstage Monday night during the Glendale, Arizona, stop on her 1989 World Tour.

In 2012, the philanthropic pop star debuted a song titled Ronan, which she wrote for a child named Ronan Thompson who died from neuroblastoma at the age of three. Swift, 25, got to know the boy and his family through his mother Maya Thompson’s blog.

Attending Monday’s concert as VIPs, Thompson and her family listened as the singer got choked up introducing her emotional song. Swift, whose mother Andrea Finlay Swift was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, took a moment to speak about how cancer has impacted her own family.

Taylor Swift

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“There’s a woman here tonight named Maya Thompson … and I wouldn’t know half as much as I know about childhood cancer and childhood cancer research if she hadn’t shared her story about her son, Ronan,” said the musician (via Seventeen).

“The thing about childhood cancer is that it’s really, really hard to talk about. And it’s really not something that you bring up, but the fact that she brought it up, she had this blog called Rockstar Ronan and I would read it every night.”

Speaking over chords from her guitar, the Bad Blood singer revealed how Thompson’s blog helped her cope with her mother’s diagnosis.

“And in it was this account of what it was like to watch cancer take over your life. And since then, I’ve had cancer hit really close to me in my family,” she expressed before launching into the heartbreaking number.

Taylor Swift From the Heart


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