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Miley Cyrus Has No Interest in Being a Pageant Queen: I Want to Be a Rockstar!

There’s no denying that Miley Cyrus is out to make a statement. Whether it be by posing nude or dancing provocatively, the former Disney star has made an incredible transformation over the past year.

During an interview with Australia’s Sunday Night, the 21-year-old singer claimed that another famous trait of hers holds a much stronger meaning.

Miley famously sticks out her tongue instead of smiling for photos and she told the new station that it’s because she wants to be seen as a rock star, not a beauty queen.

“The tongue started from, again, with me having to go on red carpets, and everyone would just tell all these girls that had so much makeup on and their hair all done in their perfect, little, pretty dress to smile and to wave,” Miley explained.

“I hated when the paparazzi would tell me to blow them a kiss,” Cyrus continued. “It just felt so gross, and like, sexist for me to be standing there and these men to be taking my picture. So I just said forget it.”

Miley finished, “I didn’t want to be a pageant queen. I wanted to be a f*cking, excuse my language, rockstar.”


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