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Miley Cyrus Confesses Love For Liam Hemsworth on “Sunday Night”

Never one to hide her true feelings, Miley Cyrus answered a slew of questions during her interview on Australian talk show “Sunday Night” over the weekend.

During her segment, the “Wrecking Ball” babe discussed her “love” for ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth and declared that Elvis Presley was the original twerker.

Furthermore, Cyrus shared that “everything I do is for me and my own happiness,” and that growing up “everyone was covered in tattoos, and I never thought marijuana was bad.”

As for her controversial attire, “I can wear some of the skimpiest things onstage, but if I pass somebody and feel I like I gotta help them… I can’t help myself, I have to.”

Finally, Miley’s advice to viewers was pretty simple- “Be free, be yourself, be happy, read books, be the voice for animals.”


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