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Karlie Kloss Carries Chanel in NYC

Karlie Kloss Carries Chanel in NYC

Here’s Karlie Kloss, world’s most relatable, affable, low-key supermodel, ambling around NYC with a massive Chanel Maxi Classic Flap Bag. This bag, as you might imagine, is the largest version of the popular Chanel style, and we rarely see it “in the wild,” though it does make a few appearances in “100 Celebs and Their Favorite Chanel Bags”. (Statistically, that was bound to happen.)

Karlie is not a major Chanelophile, unlike the majority of celebs who grace our virtual pages. In fact, this may be the singular Chanel bag that she owns. We’ve seen her carry it once before in “50+ Bags on the Arms of our Favorite Supermodels.” Karlie’s personal handbag stash actually contains a surprising amount of far more affordable picks from Coach, Michael Kors and Rebecca Minkoff.


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