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Check Out What Your Favorite Stars Carry to the Beach

Celebrity Beach Bags

[Editor’s Note: We’ve reached the last day of PurseBlog Summer Break, in which our editors take some time to recharge before fall (and fashion week) begins. To sign off, let’s take a look at the bags celebrities carry to the beach, now updated with a dozen knew seaside designer bags over which to gawk. We’ll see you back here on Monday with our regularly scheduled programming.]

I have a friend who brings her Prada bag to the beach. She’s a sensible girl at heart, and her attitude about her bag is that it’s hers, it’s saffiano and it should be able to put up with a little sand every now and then. And largely, she’s right – it never looks any worse for the wear.

Talking about that with her got me thinking about the bags that we see celebrities toting to the beach. During this time of year, our photo agency has plenty of photos of stars sunning themselves with expensive handbags in tow, and to investigate their choices (spoiler alert: lots of Louis Vuitton), we’ve assembled several dozen images of celebs and their beach bags below.


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