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Chanel Hosted a Metiers d’Art Show in NYC and, Naturally, a Bunch of Celebs Showed Up with Chanel Bags


Karl Lagerfeld loves a party, and he throws them at will. They’re always incredibly grand, and Lagerfeld never fails to fill his guest lists with indie actresses, It Girls and, as of late, the photogenic progeny of the rich and famous. Late last week, Chanel brought its Austria-themed Metiers d’Art 2015 collection to NYC for a lavish re-showing, and celebs came out in droves.

As Lagerfeld tends to do, he armed almost all of his It Girls with recent-season Chanel bags, and we’re very happy he did. This particular practice of his makes it easy to see the bags in context on human bodies, which makes it much simpler to imagine how they might look in our closets. Check out all the goodies below.


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