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75+ Pics That Prove Craig’s Restaurant Has the Best Celeb Bag-Spotting in Los Angeles


If you, like me, do not live in California, you’re probably not familiar with Craig’s. It’s a West Hollywood restaurant that’s been open for about four years, and in that time, I’d wager that nearly every legitimately famous human in Hollywood (and a bunch who are hoping to be famous in the near future) has had at least one meal there. In the process, they’ve carried some truly magnificent bags, all documented by the paparazzi perpetually camped outside.

I first took notice of Craig’s while pulling celebrity photos for our dear writer Emily to cover. That’s one of my morning duties: check my email, drink my coffee, see what all the famous people were up to the night before. Over time, I started to notice that a lot of celebs were going to the same places over and over, and the most popular of those places by a wide margin was this little restaurant that specializes in comfort food. It’s owned by the former general manager of longtime celeb-magnet Dan Tana’s, and it appears to be the kind of place that specializes in making famous people comfortable for a couple hours.

Once I jumped down the Craig’s rabbit hole in our photo agency’s archives, I realized how true that was. I expected to find maybe 30 or 35 photos of stars with fabulous bags coming out of the restaurant; instead, I found nearly 80 in the last year alone. The combined value of the handbags present at Craig’s at any one time probably approaches $ 100,000. After all, it’s Hollywood; there are a lot of rich people who aren’t necessarily famous, too.

Below, I’ve assembled my findings, which stretch across three generations and numerous types of fame. Next time you’re in California, try to get a reservation; it’s virtually assured you’ll see someone you can tell your friends about back home.


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